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Problem in the search with OpenLDAP

Desde:    Benito Fernandez Garcia@ISNOTES el 23/06/99 09.27

Dear all,

Hello, I have a problem with OpenLDAP in my Linux.

I have built a tree with 3 levels. The first level is the root (o=company,
c= ES), the second level is the objectclass "persona" and the third level
is the objectclass "ordenador". So, my organization (the root) is composed
by "persona" (like person) and each person can have one or severals
"ordenador" (like PC).

Well my problem is that the search of any atribute (belong to "persona" or
belong to "ordenador") go well if I set the starting point for the search
as the root (o=Company, c=es).

example : ldapsearch -s sub -b "o=company,c=es" "attribute=something"
-----> Ok !

The problem comes when I set the starting point for the search in other

example: ldapsearch -s sub -b "name=John,o=company,c=es" "attribute
something"  ----> Wrong

Ldap tells me that it finds 0 matches......   :-(

This problem happens in attributes belong to persona (like person) and
attributes belong to ordenador (like PC) also.

Thanks a lot in advanced.