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NT Port question

After searching through the list archives, and pulling from CVS, I have had
trouble finding the NT port of slapd that everyone talks about.  Or, more
importantly, I cannot seem to find the *.dsp and *.dsw files corresponding to
the slapd project.

I have downloaded the tgz, and yes, I extracted the files, didn't find any MSVC
projects relating to slapd, etc.  I've downloaded the source tree with CVS (the
first time I've ever used CVS, so I could have done it wrong).  I followed the
directions on the repository page ( http://www.openldap.com/software/repo.html
), and still didn't find the slapd project files.

Now, I noticed that a "slapd.dsp" was just committed to CVS today, but I still
can't seem to pull it out with the CVS tool I have.  It's a port of CVS to the
Cygwin shell.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here, or just have
general suggestions?

Matt Reynolds

Public Key available on request