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RE: best book?

before you bruthuhs consider buying from amazon.con, have a look at
http://www.bookpool.com/  the prices are generally lower.  for example . . .

			Amazon	Bookpool
Implementing LDAP	31.99		24.50
Understanding LDAP	50.00		43.95
LDAP: Programming	44.99		39.50

prices on other books are usually much lower, up to 45% off!!


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> Sent:	Tuesday, June 15, 1999 10:40 AM
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> Subject:	RE: best book?
> Hi Guy,
> > the RFCs are stale, to say the least.  and if you want to try your hand
> at
> > directory administration of dir programming, you don't need most of
> them.
> > what are you looking to learn?
> Stale is right. :)  Basically, I've been charged with putting SSL and SASL
> support into the new version of OpenLDAP.  We have the old UMich code
> working here w/ the security enhancements, but the time has come to move
> to a newer LDAP implementation.  My problem is I like to learn all about a
> system I'm working on.  I feel better when I work on a project when I have
> a pretty full understanding of the topic.
> I think I'll go to Barnes and Noble and look at the book, before I order
> it from amazon.com.
> Thanks,
> Seth