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cannot bind to slapd


just installed OpenLDAP (Debian 2.0.0 packages) on my box and
trying to populate my first ldap directory. Somehow I cannot bind
to the server as the admin user. I am pretty sure that I do
something wrong and it is not a flaw of the software.

Here is my access configuration (slapd.conf):

access to * by dn="cn=admin, ou=People, o=Universitaet Marburg, c=DE" write
defaultaccess none

When I try

ldapsearch -v -D "cn=admin, ou=People, o=Universitaet Marburg, c=DE" -W 

then I get 

ldap_init( (null), 0 )
Enter LDAP Password:
filter pattern: objectclass=*
returning: ALL
filter is: (objectclass=*)
0 matches        

and the server log says (truncated):

=> access_allowed: entry (umrhash=be372a6afc2ebbc83780de57e41132cf, ou=People, 
o=Universitaet Marburg, c=DE) attr (objectclass)

=> acl_get: entry (umrhash=be372a6afc2ebbc83780de57e41132cf, ou=People, 
o=Universitaet Marburg, c=DE) attr (objectclass)
<= acl_get: [1] global acl umrhash=be372a6afc2ebbc83780de57e41132cf, 
ou=People, o=Universitaet Marburg, c=DE attr: objectclass

=> acl_access_allowed: search access to entry "umrhash=be372a6afc2ebbc83780de57
e41132cf, ou=People, o=Universitaet Marburg, c=DE"

=> acl_access_allowed: search access to value "any" by 
<= acl_access_allowed: denied by default (no matching by)
Why do I have no access to the directory?

When I mistype the password I get

dap_init( (null), 0 )
Enter LDAP Password:
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials  

and when I set

defaultaccess read 

in slapd.conf then I get all the data I want.

Do you have a hint what may have gone wrong?

Thanks Thomas!