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Re: ldap_init vs ldap_open?

At 10:33 AM 6/10/99 -0400, shltch@osfmail.isc.rit.edu wrote:
>Hello again,
>After reading about ldap_init and ldap_open, it seems that ldap_open will
>be deprecated soon, and I should use ldap_init.  But ldap_init never works
>for me.

ldap_init was broken in UMich 3.3 and early versions of OpenLDAP.
It's works in OpenLDAP 1.2.3 (all our client/tools use ldap_init).

ldap_open is listed as deprecated on IETF draft LDAP C API
specification.  However, it is still part of the API implementations
are required to provide.  As such, ldap_open will be included
in OpenLDAP 2.0.