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change to ITS #136

Couple of notes on Release 1.2.3...
Build environment: HP/UX 10.20, GCC 2.8.1, Sleepycat db-2.7.5...

ITS #136 (coredump on cn=config) does /not/ seem to happen anymore under
this build environment.  Perhaps this issue can be closed (since I submitted
it, it's OK by me :-).

The modrdn patches and test scripts are a welcome addition.  Modrdn seems to
be working well under this build.  And thanks for the fix to the running
thread count in the status display, it now correctly reads "1" for
non-threaded envs.

Overall a great release.  Thanks guys.

Alan Sparks, UNIX Network Administrator           <asparks@cpd.harris.com>
Harris Communications, Camarillo CA                   (805) 389-2430