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roaming access


I searched the openldap mail lists archives and I found the
roaming_access.html document from Netscape.

Well, I just followed the steps presented at the document to implement
roaming access from the Netscape Address Book to my OpenLDAP server. 
I added the objectclasses and attributes to my slapd.oc.conf and
slapd.at.conf respectively. My ldif file looks like this :

dn: o=TUDelft, c=NL
o: TUDelft
c: NL
objectclass: organization

dn: ou=RoamAccess, o=TUDelft
ou: RoamAccess
o: TUDelft
objectclass: organizationalUnit

dn: ou=DIMES,o=TUDelft,c=NL
o: TUDelft
c: NL
objectclass: organizationalUnit

dn: nsLIProfileName=malere, ou=RoamAccess, o=TUDelft
changetype: add
objectclass: top
objectclass: nsLIProfile
nsLIProfileName: malere
owner: uid=malere,ou=DIMES,o=TUDelft,c=NL

dn: uid=malere,ou=DIMES,o=TUDelft,c=NL
changetype: add
uid: malere
cn: malere
mail: malere@bestway.com.br
userPassword: secret
objectclass: person

I also changed the Roaming User preferences of Netscape Navigator. But
it's not working ...
I have a message that was not possible to contact the server, but I can
search entries from the Address Book, the only thing that is not
working is the roaming access.

Do you have any idea/tip ?

Thank you, Luiz
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