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Complete LDAP replication functionality?


I'm a newcomer and, from my reading of the archives, I think I've
stumbled on one of the bigger unanswered FAQ's in this group: Does
replication work exactly as described in the "SLAPD and SLURPD
Administrator's Guide" (e.g., as described in Section 11.1)? 
Specifically, if an LDAP client submits an LDAP modify operation to a
slave SLAPD, is the slave supposed to refer the client to the master
server, which then performs the modification and propagates it to slaves

I've been playing with ldapmodify (on a Linux box, using RPM's of
OpenLDAP 1.2.1 from contrib.redhat.com) and changes sent to a slave are
made on the slave with no network traffice heading to the master at
all.  I followed the instructions in Section 11 of the 'Administrator's
Guide' to the letter and then realized that the slave server had no way
of knowing who its master was unless something (presumably the referral
value) was set.  Now I have the referral value set to point to the
master, but I still don't see any changes being sent back.  (In fact, I
don't see ldapsearch sending any referrals back at all--is this a
limitation of ldapsearch?)

Thanks for any information/undestanding you can provide.

Andrew Leahy