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access control II


All entries have an {crypt} userPassword attribute on it.

I'm trying to implement an application over the Netscape Address Book.

I have a suffix "o=TUDelft, c=NL" 
and an organizationalUnit "ou=DIMES, o=TUDelft, c=NL"

I would like to have a private groupOfMail beneath
this organizationalUnit. So in the sladp.conf I have :

access to dn="cn=Owner of the Group, ou=DIMES, o=TUDelft, c=NL" 
	by self write
	by * none 
access to dn=".*, o=TUDelft, c=NL"
	by * search

The problem is that every couple mail/userPassword I enter on the
Authentication Window of Netscape Address Book grants me access to all
resources beneath the o=TUDelft, c=NL subtree

Is it a problem from the Netscape tool or from my slapd.conf file

Thank you very much.
> 1) does the entries you're trying to modify have
> userpassword
> attributes?
> 2) are you binding to the database with a proper DN
> and password?
> -Alan

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