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Re: question about ldapsearch

I haven't set up any access control yet so anon should be able to read. Plus it
works if I don't specify a base (falling back on ldap.conf) or if I specify a
base of 'o=Tivoli Systems'. It only fails if I try to use a base other than the
suffix defined in slapd.conf.

On 24-May-99 Borek Lupomesky wrote:
> On Mon, 24 May 1999, Jason Bodnar wrote:
>> ldapsearch -p 9000 -b 'ou=internal, ou=people, o=Tivoli Systems' 'cn=Jason
>> Bodnar'
>> And I get nothing at all. Just returns me to my bash prompt.
>> Now, I know cn=Jason Bodnar exists so why is ldapsearch not returning
>> anything?
>    First, search filter syntax requires round braces around the filter
> expression, so that you should use '(cn=Jason Bodnar)'. But I think this
> doesn't matter in this simple case.
>    So, are you sure, that anonymous user has really access to the entry?
> Is your defaultaccess read (or you have some more specific rule)?
>    Bye Borek
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