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question about ldapsearch

Something funky is going on with ldapsearch and I don't quite understand.

My ldap tree structure looks like this:

o=Tivoli Systems
ou=people        ou=groups
ou=internal ou=external

(internal and external are branches under people)

I want to search for an entry limiting the branch to ou=internal, ou=people,
o=Tivoli Systems. In my ldap.conf I have BASE set to o=Tivoli Systems.

If I try: 

ldapsearch -p 9000 -b 'ou=internal, ou=people' 'cn=Jason Bodnar'

I get:

ldap_search: No such object

Which is fine. I thought maybe ldapsearch added BASE onto the end of any -b

So then I try:

ldapsearch -p 9000 -b 'ou=internal, ou=people, o=Tivoli Systems' 'cn=Jason

And I get nothing at all. Just returns me to my bash prompt.

Now, I know cn=Jason Bodnar exists so why is ldapsearch not returning anything?

Jason Bodnar + jbodnar@tivoli.com + Tivoli Systems

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