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Importing LDIF's exported by ldbmcat


we have recently exported an OpenLDAP servers contents with ldbmcat
for manual modification of some attributes. Reimporting with
ldif2ldbm seemed to work fine at first glance. However, it turned
out that a lot of objects could not be found with ldbmsearch although
they have been part of the database contents, as proofed by another
ldbmcat run.

When looking at the LDIF file we observed that the object numbers
had the numbers 1, 257, 2, 258, 3, 259, ..., perhaps due to some
hash sorting. We found a workaround by changing these numbers to
1, 2, 3, ... and reimporting again.

Now my questions:

  - Is our simple workaround ok? Or is some kind of object sorting

  - Would patches be accepted that change either of ldbmcat or
    ldif2ldbm to deal with the situation? (An ldbmcat patch
    seems quite straighforward, as we only need to change the
    numbers printed.)



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