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Re: db2 files

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Matz, Guy wrote:

> has anyone compiled openldap to use db2 files rather than dbb files?  is it
> possible?
> thanks,
> guy

I have compiled openldap with db2 few days ago. I have a Debian 2.0 hamm
with egcs 1.1.2. I think that libdb that comes with glibc2 is compatible
with libdb. If you want to compila with libdb2 install that package and
tell ./configure script where to search for correct includes. If you dont
specify any include path the compiler will use db.h from glic2. The
command I execute to configure openldap was:

CPPFLAGS='-I/usr/include/db2' ./configure ... blahblah

Of course you must edit by hand some makefiles (is it possible to
automatize this?) and change -ldb for -ldb2. Maybe setting LIBS shell
variable to LIBS=-ldb2 before running configure helps.

When running make it will show you a lot of warnings, but it compiles. The
only thing i have seen with db2 is that ldif2ldbm is a **lot** slower.

Good luck

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