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Re: index statement for LDBM backend

You do need to regenerate the indexes, otherwise you have told the server
that, for example uid is indexed, so it looks for the index rather than the
real data, finds that there are no uids indexed so it returns a not-found

See ldif2index (I think - I have not tried this, for safety you would be
better off regenerating your database, complete with the indexes)

	John Lines

> (I posted this to the -general list, but thought it would be more
> appropriate here)
> I am confusing myself with the index directive for the LDBM backend.
> If I have the following index lines:
> index cn
> index sn
> index uid
> the following user cannot login in (or anyone, this is just my test user):
> uid=test1,ou=People,o=The Independent Florida Alligator,o=Campus Communications Inc., c=US
> uid=test1
> cn=test user 1
> objectclass=top
> objectclass=posixAccount
> objectclass=shadowAccount
> userpassword={crypt}thecrypted password
> shadowlastchange=10704
> shadowmax=99999
> shadowwarning=7
> shadowinactive=-1
> shadowexpire=-1
> shadowflag=134525956
> loginshell=/bin/bash
> uidnumber=612
> gidnumber=500
> homedirectory=/home/test1
> gecos=test user 1
> If I uncomment those lines, things work as expected. Why does the
> precense of those index directives keep the login from working? If I
> an an index line after populating the server, does that index then get
> generated? Or do I need to reload all of the data after changing the
> index statements?
> This is OpenLDAP 1.2.1 on a RedHat 5.1 system. Using pam_ldap and
> nss_ldap from padl.com
> -pete
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