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Password Management with LDAP ?

Hi all,

I have installed openldap latest version and wanted to do password and
account management using LDAP . Currently I am running NIS(YP) on my Sun
box . How can I load ldif database with NIS passwords and make the
password changeable by repective users ? 

Currently, my sample ldif file looks like this, with entry for each

dn: cn=<name of staff>,ou=<Project Group Name>,o=<my org name>,c=US
cn: <Full name of Staff>
Mail: <email address of this staff>
objectclass: person


What else I need to add to the above to store passwords , which are not
to be seen by others and yet modifiable by staff themselves ? I prefer to
use the same NIS password to load in to this database. After the
password is modified in ldap databse by a user, is it possible to
synchronise NIS password with this, later ?