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Re: Changing password from Perl

From: Borek Lupomesky <Borek.Lupomesky@ujep.cz>
>    Hi all,
>    I am writing LDAP application in Perl and I need to be able to change
> password from within it. So is there any way to change passwords from
> perl? Crypt would suffice, md5 would be better.
>    Bye Borek


Perl comes with an interface to the Unix crypt(3) function. Try ``perldoc -f
crypt'' or the perlfunc man page which includes examples for checking and
creating crypt'ed passwords. There are also several MD5-related modules. Have
a look at Digest::MD5 and Crypt::PasswdMD5. (I haven't used these in an LDAP
context though.)