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Adding more network information in to my ldif database

Hi all,

I am running openldap latest version and was able to creat minimum
database that contains staff names,mail.phone etc. I wanted to extend
the usefulness of LDAP to other areas and tried adding host names/IP
addresses to the end of my existing ldif file :

dn: cn=<staff name>,ou=sraff,o=<Our Organisation>,c=US
cn: xyz
Mail: xyz@...
objectclass: person

dn: cn=<hostname>,ou=devices,o=<Our Organisation>,c=US
cn: <hostname>
ipHostNumber: a.b.c.d
objectclass: device


I added a couple of entries at the end, for the hosts but if I now point
my search database as -b 'ou=devices,o=<Our Organisation>,c=US' I am not
able to search any entries & i am forced to put back the base as -b 'o=<Our
Organisation>,c=US'.In either case, with both base entries, i am able to
see all the entries i have put in ldif file .

How can I extend the ldap to store other network entities ? Should I
define different ldif files or change configuration on server / client
to make all my defined networked objects browsable ?

I am also running web gateway 'web500gw' and want to see the different
objects (hosts,switches) as "nodes" under the base dn and be able to
browse through the nodes . Any suggestions there ?