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Re: ldap_search: No such object

	Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 18:57:12 -0700
	From: Angela Liang <aliang@pocketeer.com>

	I built a simple database using ldif2ldbm and then just simply dump all
	the data, it gave above error. Below I will list all of the data. Please
	give the hint.

>From Angela's slapd.conf:
	suffix  "dc=xyz.com"

You need to define an object with 
 dn: dc=xyz.com

You also need to define objects with the DNs:
 dn: ou=Marketing, dc=xyz.com
 dn: ou=Accounting, dc=xyz.com

	================= test.ldif =======================
	dn: ou=Marketing cn=John Smith, dc=xyz.com

This DN is broken.  You probably meant to write:

  dn: cn=John Smith, ou=Marketing, dc=xyz.com

This one is similarly broken:

	dn: ou=Accounting cn=John Smith, dc=xyz.com

You probably meant:

  dn: cn=John Smith, ou=Accounting, dc=xyz.com

--Steve Augart

Steven Augart  <swa@ISI.EDU>
Globus project, USC Information Sciences Institute; http://www.globus.org