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ldapsearch vs Outlook Express

I am trying to get Outlook Express 5 to work with my LDAP server.  I have
almost everything working.  The only issue that isn't working as expected
is Outlook Express' advanced "sounds like" searches.  I have compiled
phoneitc support into my LDAP server.  The interesting thing is that the
~= searches ARE working from ldapsearch, just not from OE.  For example.

I have a user entry with a sn=Friederich.  I can do an approximate
(phonetic) ldapsearch for sn~=Freederick and it finds the entry without
hesitation.  OE on the other hand returns no results.  I enabled debugging
on slapd to determine where the difference was.  The only line of
consequence different between the two requests was:

SRCH "DC=SOLUTIA,DC=COM" 2 3   100  60  0

Outlook Express:
SRCH "DC=SOLUTIA,DC=COM" 2 0     0   0  0

Unfortunately, I don't know what the trailing numbers signify.  My
question to the list is really this. What do the trailing numbers mean,
and is anyone aware of how I might override incoming requests that look
like the latter example and have them executed like the former (sucessful)
example?  Thank you very much for any and all help!

					Stephen Anderson