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Re: "no such object"

Samson Bisaro wrote:

> Hi,
> i use openldap on linux mandrake 5.3
> I had modify 'slapd.conf', 'ldap.conf', 'ud.conf' and create a simple
> base,
> I had stop slapd, convert my ldif file with :
> "ldif2ldbm -i my_ldif_file -f /etc/slapd.conf"
> and finally restart slapd.
> But when i use : ldapsearch -b 'o=etudiants.uhp.fr' 'cn=mickey*',
> i get the message "no such object"
> Anyone could help me please.
> I give you also the files slapd.conf, ldap.conf, ud.conf and my ldif
> file
> Thanks
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> ---------------------------------
> |        Samson BISARO          |

The problem Samsom described here is very close to my own problem that I have
posted to this mailing-list. So I thinking if there is a way to know what
database slapd "really" loaded. I tried several debugging options even truss
(Solaris) but I did not get a clue....