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Re: How to delete my garbage DB?

Look in your <install-root>/openldap/etc/slapd.conf file to see where
you have the database.  Based on your description, this is probably
There will be a line looking something like:
	directory       /usr/tmp
Create a directory somewhere to hold the database.  For example:
	mkdir <install-root>/openldap/db
Edit slapd.conf to indicate the new directory:
	directory <install-root>/openldap/db
You are now pointing to an empty (nonexistent) database.  Don't worry
about deleting the files in /tmp; they'll go away when your machine
next reboots.

Next time you want to throw away the contents of the database, you now
know where it resides, so you can just say:
	/bin/rm -f <install-root>/openldap/db/*
to get rid of it and restart.

--Steve Augart

Angela Liang wrote:
> While practicing creating the DB, mistakes have been made. I want to
> delete the database but do not know how. My database is ldbm.
> I saw a file resides at my tmp directory called dn2id.dbb. I guess this
> is not the database I created. From the name it seems it is the dn to ID
> file, but what that means?
> Thanks for prompt help.
> Angela

Steven Augart  <swa@ISI.EDU>
Globus project, USC Information Sciences Institute;