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Re: Is there any tool to dump the data out from the database?

Earlier today, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> Angela Liang wrote:
> > I've added some data into the database. I am not sure if there is a tool
> > that I can dump the data out so I can practicing other commands such as
> > modify, delete, modrdn, etc...
> The search expression is any legal LDAP filter -- see RFC 2254 for more
> info.  In the example above, it says "return objects that have any value
> for the objectclass attribute".  Since every object has to have an
> objectclass, this essentially returns you the entire database that is
> visible (based on your access rules) to an unauthenticated login.

...up to the search maxlimit defined in the server (by default, 500?).  :-)