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RE: ldap_search_s question

I think I've narrowed down my problem to the search filter...  Is there
anything wrong with this search

ldapsearch -h [host] "(objectclass=bbm_client_org*)"

If I use a filter like
(&(organization=bbm*)(objectclass=bbm_client_org*)) I get the correct
results every time.  As soon as I try to pull up everything in
bbm_client_org, sometimes the list gets truncated, sometimes I get every
entry, sometimes.......

Something else thats a bit odd is if I don't use the * at the end of
bbm_client_org I get more truncated entries and errors than without


ps happens with RH6.0 and M$.  

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From: Shawn Tagseth [mailto:stagseth@bbm.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 12:40 PM
To: Openldap-Software (E-mail)
Subject: ldap_search_s question

I have a very small test program that basically, ldap_open, ldap_bind,
ldap_disable_cache (for good luck i guess) and then ldap_search_s,
ldap_unbind and close.  

If I run the program, I guess depending on sunspots, sometimes (most of
the time actually) ldap_search_s returns 81 (Can't contact server????)
and sometimes it returns 0 (Success???) with all 296 records.  

I am not recompiling the program and there seems to be no rhyme or
reason why I get the error.  Ldap open and bind return positives so I
assume I'm doing something right (let me think about that one....)

I'm using using M$ VC6 sp2 on win 98 connecting to a freebsd server.
All my linux machines are on the other side of the firewall so I can't
test to see if its just the freaky M$ tcp stack.  This is also my first
crack at anything to do with LDAP so it could very well be that too.


Shawn K. Tagseth