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SLURPD Help needed

I am hoping somebody can point me where I should look to discover what is
keeping my slurpd from working correctly.  I have three machines setup and
they are almost identical.  One is a SLAPD master (ie running slurpd) and
the other two get replicated information.  The two recievers are
configured identically (as far as LDAP's concearned) I think.

The problem which mystifies me is that changes are replicated form the
master to one fo the two target servers flawlessly.   No replication
occurs on the second one.  It always errors out with the message "ERROR:
Type or value exists" in the reject log.  I will detail the interesting
parts of some of the files to help in diagnosing this oddity.

** slapd.conf **
database	ldbm
lastmod		on
suffix		"dc=solutia, dc=com"
directory	/var/tmp
rootdn		"cn=replicator, dc=solutia, dc=com"
rootpw		secret
replica		host=ns1.dcr.solutia.com:389
		binddn="cn=Replicator, dc=solutia, dc=com"
		bindmethod=simple credentials=secret
replica		host=ns1.pns.solutia.com:389
		binddn="cn=Replicator, dc=solutia, dc=com"
		bindmethod=simple credentials=secret
replogfile	/var/tmp/replication.log

** slurpd.status **

** slurpd.replog **
replica: ns1.dcr.solutia.com:389
replica: ns1.pns.solutia.com:389
time: 925745169
changetype: modify
replace: modifytimestamp
modifytimestamp: 19990503152609Z
replace: modifiersname
modifiersname: cn=Replicator, dc=solutia, dc=com
add: title
title: God


Once again, transfers to ns1.dcr.solutia.com proceed without incident.
Transfers to ns1.pns.solutia.com all fail with the aforementioned error
message.  Oh, and these machines are not accessible on the Internet, so
I'm afraid other people cant test against them.  Does anybody have any
ideas as to where my problem might lie?  Thank you.

                                       Stephen Anderson