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Newbie "No such object" problem

Like any newbie fool :), I followed the "Quick start guide to running slapd".  I since have read the archive postings regarding "ldap_search: No such object".  Still, I have the same problem.

Regardless of what I request (usu. objectclass=*), ldapsearch reports no such object.  Netscape will find the organization object class but that's it.  (A feat I cannot duplicate with ldapsearch.) (URL ldap://mail.paraengr.com/o=Paragon%20Engineering%20Services%20Inc,c=US is not visible from the Internet as yet.  Included here for example purposes.)

When I run ldbmtest, all of the records are there.

Can't seem to add entries after db creation either, ldapadd reports:
request 2 done
ldap_add: No such object
ber_flush: 7 bytes to sd 5

Here are my files:

database   ldbm
directory  /home/ldap
suffix     "o=Paragon Engineering Services Inc, c=US"
rootdn     "cn=Manager, o=Paragon Engineering Services Inc, c=US"
rootpw     secret

dn: o=Paragon Engineering Services Inc, c=US
o: Paragon Engineering Services Inc
objectclass: organization

dn: cn=Trey Childs, o=Paragon Engineering Services Inc, c=US
cn: Trey Childs
sn: Childs
mail: tchilds@paraengr.com
objectclass: person

please help, TIA
Trey Childs
Communications Administrator
Paragon Engineering Services, Inc.

Version: 3.1
GCS/M d++ s: a->? C++++ UL++++$ P++++$
L+++ E- W+++ N  o? !K w--- O- M V- !PS !PE
Y+ PGP t--- 5- X- !tv b+++ DI++  D-- G e*
h++ r--- z?