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Re: Netscape & openldap

I think many of us have tried this. We get it to where netscape _claims_
to be updating the database on exit and claims to read it on startup,
but doesn't do anything with it. In other words, you might change a
bookmark, but when you log in again (on a different machine) it doesn't
show up. Lots of stuff does go into the database.

Urban Lindberg wrote:
> Hi
> I found this article which describe howto implement Netscape Roaming
> profiles, according to the article netscapes LDAP server is not
> necessary, but other is not tested. So I have tried it with openldap,
> but after two days, I now will have to ask if anyone can help me.
> I have succeded in that a netscape client have created a bookmark
> object, but it don't seem possible to change that object, although the
> netscape client say it is updating the LDAP server and no error occur,
> the change I have maid to the bookmarks simply is not in the ldapserver.
> Is there someone who have succeded? with this is there any pitfalls?
> I'm useing netscape 4.51 and openldap 1.2.0 on a freeBSD machine.
> 1. If you read the article you will se netscapes OID in the schema,
> these I removed since openldap complained about them. Can this have any
> effect?
> 2. I have enabled "lastmod on". -- necessary???
> 3. access to * by * write  -- should solve any access problem??
> Please HELP!
> /Urban Lindberg
> Below is a link to the article, maybe someone else can succeed.
> http://help.netscape.com/products/client/communicator/manual_roaming2.html

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