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Little performance remark & question.


I do not know if it may help someone, but i had a problem with
performance with openldap 1.2.1 (with BerkeleyDB 2.7.4) on redhat 5.2
that i have been able to resolve editing /etc/hosts and adding an entry
for each host of our lan (that does not have a dns entry). This ldap
server is just a simple addressbook, with very few entry.
After adding entries to the host file, it is very fast.

It seems that if your dns is slow, your ldap will also be slow. Does
that mean that the server always does an nslookup for each ldap request
? Does i need a dns cache ?

I also have been trying openldap 1.2.0 with gdbm with no success. It
freeze when adding entries with ldapadd.

Marc Jadoul