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Re: Two ldbm instances

At 12:50 PM 4/13/99 -0500, Chris Zimmerman wrote:
>We are using OpenLDAP as a company-wide address book, but the company
>name has changed.  I need to create a second ldbm instance that reflects
>the new name, but still have the old database available.  I have already
>executed ldbmcat and made the necessary changes to the ldif file.  I
>also modified the slapd.conf with a second database section, setting
>putting the files associated with each instance in different
>directories.  When I run ldif2ldbm, only the directory in the first
>database section gets built (presumably with the information from the
>new ldif file).  How do I create the ldbm files with my new settings in
>the proper directory?

Use the -n option to ldif2ldbm to specify which backend to build.