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Failed to search due to LDAP error

I use Redhat Linux 5.2 (kernel gcc version, redhat 2.0.36) and
receive the following error when using Netscape Communicator 4.0.7 to
search the slapd directory: "Failed to search due to LDAP error `Unknown
error'(0xFFFFFFFF)".  Sometimes the error will be Failed to bind instead
of failed to search.

I am not using access control in any way (everyone has read access to
the database).  Further, this error occurs only with the Linux version
of Netscape.  I have placed the slapd server
in debug mode and it seems that the connection from the client to the
server has timed out (the debugging output indicated a broken pipe and
bad file descriptor).

Is there a resolution to this problem?

Jeff Mullins
Management Information Specialist
Randolph County
Voice: 336-318-6321
Fax:   336-318-6318
Email: jcmullins@co.randolph.nc.us