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Problems with OpenLDAP 1.2 and netscape 4.51

I downloaded and built 1.2 today on SGI IRIX 6.5.3m. After installing
it, I can query the server from Netscape 4.07 and Outlook Express 4.7
but when I attempt to from the address book in Netscape 4.51 I get a
protocol error. Turning on the debugging mode of slapd appears to show a
v2(slapd) vs. v3(netscape) conflict.

Any help ?

An addt'l note - on SGI, the configure script needs to add -lpthread to
the link LIBS for any of the binaries making pthread_* calls.

-Rob Gabbard

Rob Gabbard 
Applications Consulting Engineer
Silicon Graphics, Inc. - http://www.sgi.com
rgabb@sgi.com - http://reality.sgi.com/rgabb