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[SLAPD] slapd on MkLinux doesn't bind to port 389?


I compiled openldap-stable-1.2 on a Mac running MkLinux.  Everything
seems to have compiled fine.  I installed it to /usr/local/software/openldap-1.2
and ran 

   slapd -d 65535 -p 389

The trace I got on the console doesn't show any error.

However when I try to add something using ldapadd doing:

   bin/ldapadd -d 65535 -h localhost \
         -D "cn=root, dc=mydom, dc=com" -w blabla -f testje

I get:

ldap_connect_to_host: localhost:389 Connection refused
ldap_open: Connection refused

Also when I check with netstat nothing seems to be bound to port 389.
(slapd is still running ofcourse).

Any idea what's wrong?


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