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Now What?

	I've installed OpenLdap 1.2.0 under a Redhat 5.2 system, but I'm
not quite sure where to go from here. So.. now what?

1. I would like to use OpenLdap as a back-end to support Netscape Roaming
   Profiles. Anyone got any pointers on this?

2. I'm considering using OpenLdap as the back-end to the product "yplapd"
   from PADL. This product purports to allow you to point your NIS clients
   towards it and resolve all the NIS maps out of the LDAP server. Anyone
   using this? Does it work? How well?

3. Can anyone point me to some CURRENT documentation for OpenLdap?

4. Has anyone created OpenLdap 1.2.0 RPMS yet for RedHat 5.2?