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Segmentation Fault on Solaris 2.4

I've built OpenLDAP 1.1.4 using BerkeleyDB 2.3.16 on Solaris 2.4. The build completes successfully, however when running the tests I
get a segmentation fault and core dump.
I've looked at the FAQ, etc. but can't find anything about this.

Any ideas?

Here's the output of the tests:

cd tests
{}256: make
ln: cannot create ./data: File exists
make: [all-local] Error 2 (ignored)
Initiating LDAP tests...
>>>>> Executing all LDAP tests...
>>>>> Test Directory: .
>>>>> Starting test001-ldif2ldbm ...
running defines.sh .
Datadir is ./data
Cleaning up in ./test-db...
Running ldif2ldbm to build slapd database...
Starting slapd on TCP/IP port 9009...
Using ldapsearch to retrieve all the entries...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
20108 Segmentation Fault - core dumped
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
^Cmake: *** [all-local] Error 208
{}257: uname -a
SunOS u2 5.4 generic sun4c sparc

Ronald E. Fortin
Mesa Systems Guild, Inc.
60 Quaker Lane
Warwick, RI 02886