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OpenLDAP 1.2-Beta available for testing

OpenLDAP 1.2-Beta is available for download:

This release has the following changes in addition to those
listed for OpenLDAP 1.1.4.

Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.2
    Added ldappasswd tool
    Added salted MD5/SHA1 password support
    Added client/tools password prompting (-W)
    Added slapd alternative args/pid file locations
    Added slapd logging option
    Added slapd nextid chunking
    Added LDBM DB2 debugging support
    Fixed client SIGPIPE handling
    Fixed lber leaking ber_scanf
    Updated client -d(ebug) handling
    Updated slapd alias deref functionality to be optional
    Updated client/tools Kerberos option handling
    Build environment
        Added -kthread support
        Renamed install.sh to install-sh