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Re: ldapconfig.h.edit?

At 11:48 AM 12/15/98 -0500, Jim Kannengieser wrote:
>I'm having problems compiling OpenLDAP-stable. I think they stem from

Please be specific (and consise).

>configuration of ldapconfig.h.edit, but I'm open to any kind of advice on how

What changes have you made to this file?
What changes have you made to Make-common or any Make-platform file.

>to fix this. Everything seems to compile normally, but I can't find slapd or
>any binaries that I expected to make anywhere on my system.

If nothing was installed, I suspect everything did not compile

>Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

You should provide a few platform specific details.  Which
Operating System are you using?  Which compiler?  Which libc?

Which make?  Which Make-common template did you use?
	These are the most common problems.  If your using
	gnu make, be sure to use Make-common.gmake as your
	template for Make-common.	Make-common.dist requires
	a BSD make with FOO?=BAR support.  If you make doesn't
	support this, use GNU make (and Make-common.gmake).