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Re: search matching woes

> Which version of Netscape are you using?  I had problems with Communicator
> 4.05 and 4.08 (under Linux) with the same error.  Went away with version
> 4.5.  I think Communicator 4.0[58] is broken.

Well that could explain something.  I have Netscape 4.04.

However, I still have problems even when Netscape isn't involved.
As I mentioned, doing an ldapsearch gives errors as well.  I also
checked the ldap log file when ldapsearch errors.  After upping 
the debugging level, I saw the same 

   ber_flush failed errno 0 msg (Error 0)

error message, right at the failure point.  Can anyone shed
any light on this?

Thanks again!

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