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Re: problem with latest stable

I used ldif2ldbm to build my directory.  The error means you're trying
to add an entry that doesn't conform to the schema as defined in the
configuration files.  If you know that everything in your LDIF file
matches the schema, maybe there's another bug.  You can try turning
schemacheck off in the ldap.conf file.

> Anyway, I'm trying to reproduce the failure unsuccessfully and in one of
> my tests I'm trying to use an LDAPadd and I keep getting the error
> message: object class violation.  Using the same format data with ldif
> utilities works fine.  What does this error message mean?
> [root@harvee test]# /usr/local/bin/ldapadd -v -D "cn=root,
> o=inguide.com" -w "secret" -f ./test.ldap
> add objectclass:
>         person
> add cn:
>         Eric99
> add sn:
>         esj99
> add mail:
>         esj99@inguide.com
> adding new entry cn=Eric99, o=customers, o=whichgroup, o=category,
> o=inguide.com
> ldap_add: Object class violation

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