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Another newbie question

Since you all were so quick in helping me with my last question, how about
another one.

I can now insert people into the server when binding as the root dn.  I can
also add entries to an already existing dn. (Please pardon my lack of
knowledge on the proper terminology here.)

There are two things I haven't been able to figure out.

1) Using the root dn, I can't seem to modify attriibutes that have already
been set.

2) I would like to have users be able to add/modify their own dn's once
they are in the server.  I added the following access lines to my
slapd.conf, but it still doesn't seem to take it right.

access to dn=".*,o=3GI,c=US"
	by self	write
	by * read

Any pointers?  Also is their any other documentation about using SLAPD
other than the administrator's guide?

Thanks again.