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Re: Problems with make on DEC Unix 4.0

Mcleish,S writes:
> In file included from ufn.c:32:
> ../../include/ldapconfig.h:31: parse error before `DEFAULT_BINDIR'
> ufn.c:43: parse error before `cancelptype'
> ufn.c:46: parse error before `cancelptype'
> ufn.c:85: parse error before `cancelptype'

Please run the compile command for ufn.c by hand, but replace
	-c ufn.c -o ufn.o
	-E -dD ufn.c > ufn.i
(omit the -dD if you are not using gcc).

If you examine ufn.i and compare with ldapconfig.h & co, you can
probably see what the source code expands to and what causes the parse
error.  If not, post the result, or better make it available on WWW or
ftp since it may be rather big.