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New User


I'd like to use openldap, I'm new to ldap stuff...
I've printed the documentation, and installed open-ldap,
with success, but when I try the examples it doesn't work
the ldapsearch request returns nothing...
here's the conf I'm using:

rama@casimir~/LDAP $cat ldap.conf 
referral        ldap://casimir.easynet.fr
database        ldbm
suffix  "o=Easynet, c=FR"
directory       /home/rama/LDAP
rootdn  "cn=rama, o=Easynet, c=FR"
rootpw  secret

rama@casimir~/LDAP $cat ldapdef 
dn: o=Easynet, c=FR
o: Easynet
objectclass: organization

dn: cn=Ramahefason, o=Easynet, c=FR
cn: Ramahefason
sn: David
mail: rama@easynet.fr
objectclass: person


/David Ramahefason	Administrateur Systeme/Reseau/
/rama@easynet.fr	Easynet France SA            /
/0144547031             ICQ: 14292822                /