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Re: Tool: ldapedit

on a more commercial basis, I found oblix.com over the weekend. I'm trying
to get them to come down to do a song and dance soon. I'll summarize if
there is interest


On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:

> Hi,
> I wrote a small tool which might be interesting to others. Its a small
> bourne-shell script that takes an LDAP filter, displays the result (only
> one handled at the moment) in an editor ($VISUAL and $EDITOR are
> evaluated) and writes back any changes and/or additions to the directory.
> I wrote it because of the lack of a usable shell-level tool for editing a
> directory. Its really very small and easy to write yourself, but why
> re-invent the wheel :-)
> Call it as "ldapedit <filter> <bind-dn> <bind-pw>"
> If anyone uses it, please send me a mail and I'll post future versions,
> too. Patches are welcome, of course (especially error handling could use
> improvement).
> Better yet, if anyone has any other useful LDAP tools that he'd like to
> share, send them to the list :-)
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