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minor mistake (?) in stable-980915

In "./clients/fax500", "ETCDIR" in the script "xrpcomp" is replaced with the
contents of "LDAP_LIBEXECDIR" (Make-template);  this mismatch could cause
confusion later if people are trying to relocate various different parts of
the OpenLDAP system.

Fixes are:

- [./clients/fax500/xrpcomp]
  3: - RP500=ETCDIR/rp500
  3: + RP500=LIBEXECDIR/rp500

- [./clients/fax500/Make-template]
  58: - $(SED) -e 's%ETCDIR%$(LDAP_LIBEXECDIR)%' xrpcomp > /tmp/xrpcomp.tmp
  58: + $(SED) -e 's%LIBEXECDIR%$(LDAP_LIBEXECDIR)%' xrpcomp > /tmp/xrpcomp.tmp


David J. N. Begley  <d.begley@nepean.uws.edu.au>
Network Analyst, Communications Unit
University of Western Sydney, Nepean