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database roots


it appears that the following things are not possible:
	1. empty database suffix (i.e. "")
	2. rootdn not inside of database suffix (i.e., with database
	   suffix "c=DE", rootdn can't be "uid=root,c=FR" but has to be
	   "uid=root,c=DE" or something like it)

The first thing is actually a by-product of the fact that you have to
create the "root" object itself before being able to create objects under
it, which you obviously can't do with an empty root. I.e., if you have a
suffix of "c=DE", you have to create c=DE itself before being able to use
the directory. This was different with U-MICH LDAP. I recognize that the
new method is more flexible, but I am not convinced that is the best or
most intuitive way to go.

Are these things intentional? If yes, can we hear a reasoning?

---Ingo Luetkebohle, CTO
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