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RE: Best LDAP book ?

Aw Shucks :).

There's a rather complete list of LDAP books at 

I think we've reached a point of dividing between 
"managing/implmentation" and programming. My book tries to 
cover both.

1) My book (ok, shameless plug) -- Implementing LDAP from Wrox 
press. (added bonus, I actually answer my email :).
2) Tim Howes, et. al. "Understanding and Deploying LDAP"
3) Archie Reeds "Implementing and Designing" (or something like 
that). I haven't actually read it, but people whom I respect, have and 
they liked it

 -- C
1) The original LDAP programming book (sorry it's too far away for 
me to read the title)
2) I have a brief section in Implementing LDAP
3) man pages, docs, etc from Netscape and openLDAP.org

-- Perl
1) my book
2) Professional Linux Deployment (Wrox, I have a chapter)
3) Professional Perl Programming (spring 2001, Wrox, I have a new 
chapter on Net::LDAP, the pure Perl module)
4) Clayton Donley's book from Manning (sorry don't remember title, 
Spring 2001)

-- Java
1) again my book, plus chapters in "Professional Java Server 
Programming" and "Professional JSP Programming" also from 
2) LDAP Programming with java (covers the netscape SDK)
3) JNDI Tutorial (online plus in book form from Sun's Addison-
Wesley imprint)

1) There's a huge chapter in Wrox's Professional PHP book (and 
no I didn't write it). 


On 9 Dec 00, at 12:00, Chris Tirpak wrote:

> Dennis -
> While they are slightly IBM centric the IBM Redbooks listed below are
> both excellent, free, and as PDF's you can download them and get
> instant gratification :-)  (and no I do not work for IBM but find that
> IBM Redbooks on any given subject are usually excellent)
> You need to register first with the IBM site.
> Understanding LDAP Redbook
> http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg244986.html
> LDAP Implementation Cookbook Redbook
> http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg245110.html
> Mark Wilcox's book is also excellent.
> Chris
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> Hi all...
> Can anyone recommend a good LDAP book for beginners ?
> Cheers
> Dennis

Mark Wilcox