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Re: configure chokes on pthreads (HPUX, OpenLinux)

On Wed, Jan 06, 1999 at 04:22:56PM -0700, Jonathan B Ellis wrote:
> I'm trying to compile OpenLDAP 1.1.1 for HP-UX 10.20 and OpenLinux 1.3.

You're not going to be able to compile OpenLDAP under HPUX 10.20 using 
native threads. Its just too horribly broken.

The HP-UX check in configure is only really valid for HPUX 11.00. It may work
for 10.30 boxes, but I dont have any left to test that.

While I havent tested it, you should be able to snarf the MIT-Pthreads
package, compile it for 10.20 (should work - mysql uses it), and then compile
OpenLDAP using MIT-Pthreads.

HPUX didnt get usable native threading support until 10.30.


Josh Tiefenbach - Member - ACC Corps of Internet Engineers - josh@ican.net