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Binary log format

So, thinking along the lines of a binary log format for StatsLog, to avoid the syslog overhead, the first obvious idea was to just dump timestamped BER messages into a logfile, and have a separate postprocessor command produce human readable text.

Thinking further about this, we could just dump PCAP format - and use tcpdump, WireShark, or whatever favorite tool to render the log. If all we want is a timestamped log of messages that slapd has processed, we can do that right now and won't have to invest any effort at all into postprocessors.

That still leaves a question of what to do with Debug messages that also go to syslog - it's easier to identify problems if the error message appears somewhere close to the log of the original request. So we'd need a tool to interleave these in order, if we had to pull messages both from the binary log and from syslog. Or, we could define a new custom packet type for these Debug/diagnostic messages, and just spit them out into the PCAP file too. This might require us to write a custom parser plugin for WireShark or whatever, to render these messages. That's still not a big deal, compared to inventing our own entire log postprocessing framework.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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