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Re: recent commits review

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
The following commits may be applicable for the next RE24 release

8678 - 375db33d13ab1fe414419a6f9cfb0b41c999862d
Note: Says it's a hack, and the underlying issue was resolved at the location that stemmed this issue by using sortvals on the related attribute. Not sure if we should push it to RE24

It tests for 64bit indexing, which isn't in RE24. So clearly no.

8226 - 221dd433995a480599d3038d109e63e0b570d84d
Further fix for an issue fixed in 2.4.44.  Seems worthwhile

Yeah it's fine.

8720 - 221dd433995a480599d3038d109e63e0b570d84d
Commit has wrong ITS.  Fixes an observed issue in the field. Seems worthwhile

What commit ID? This is the same as above.

8709 - 2c36a37f908cd2e7297b1bd5621fea2f0d32451a
contrib module fix for OpenSSL 1.1, which is supported in RE24.  Seems worthwhile


8717 - 738723866ed6858cb694b0a770300d781e09e333
Fixes an observed issue in the field.  Seems worthwhile


5adcdb7642dbafae484b8f3feb391490ff9be087 - Fix warnings issued by autoconf 2.68+ No related ITS. Not sure if this is relevant to RE24 or not, given we're unlikely to regenerate configure for it.

Seems unnecessary for RE24.



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