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Load balancer

I'd like to have the load balancer prototype merged in the project and
I've just created a ticket for that, ITS#8747.

This server (lloadd for lack of a better name that you could still find
in your friendly search engine) is a PDU-centric LDAP proxy. It will
only handle operations that affect the connection itself (abandon,
unbind, ...) and distribute the rest across connections established the
configured backend servers. You can find more information in the
(slightly disorganised) design notes in doc/devel/lloadd/design.md in
the repo.

I welcome anyone to help during the review and hope this can be merged
soon and extended further.


Ondřej Kuzník
Senior Software Engineer
Symas Corporation                       http://www.symas.com
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP solutions powered by OpenLDAP