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ITS review 9/12/2017

The following ITSes were mostly supplied with patches and are IPR ok. I've imported them into my openldap-scratch repo for easy review. If they didn't have a supplied patch, I did the related work. Branch names are by ITS.

Suggested for RE24:

its5048 - Fix documentation for entryCSN with syncprov

its7100 - Fix slapo-dds with entryTTL currently not decreasing

its7373 - Fix tls_session reuse when hostname check fails

its7374 - Fix MozNSS file matching for hashed CA cert directory (RE24 ONLY)

its7389 - Fix MozNSS to fallback to PEM if cert not found in certdb (RE24 ONLY)

its7442 - Add debug statements when index_intlen values are out of range

its7520 - Omit unknown schema option for back-ldap

its8037 - Fix delta-syncrepl with relax

its8121 - Add LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE to ldap_bind(3)

its8167 - Fix nonblocking TLS with referrals

its8404 - Fix assertion with back-meta when olcDbRewrite is changed

its8578 - Remove unused variables in RE24

its8583 - Fix C++ LDAPCtrl structure

its8605 - Fix various spelling errors

Suggested for RE25, possibly RE24:

its8153 - olcTimeLimit should be SINGLE-VALUE

its8692 - Support LDAP_MOD_INCREMENT with back-sock

Purely for RE25:

its7042 - Make it possible to unset TLS options with syncrepl

its7532 - Add ldap_connection function for asynchronous clients

its7721 - Allow authTimestamp to be forwarded via updateref

its8291 - Fix slapmodify with BDB backends

its8527 - Improve SYNC debug output in certain situations

its8573 - Add TLS options to ldap* tools



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