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RE: ITS#8654 - Option for LDAP client to bind to a local address

--On Thursday, June 15, 2017 3:29 PM +0000 Daniel Le <daniel.le@exfo.com> wrote:

Could someone take a stab at reviewing this code change and/or let me
know questions you might have? The ldap_get_option, ldap_set_option and
socket binding functions were successfully validated using a test program
under Linux/Unix.

Unfortunately, I don't have a set-up to test other operating systems, but
would be willing to further modidy ldap_connect_to_host in os-ip.c to
cover them if you can help verify it.

Howard's been hoping someone would be able to review in addition to him. I gave it a lookover, but my C is quite rusty. I could test it out on Solaris, and possibly get it tested with windows. That's assuming you had it added as an option to the client utilities (ldapsearch, etc), similar to what I did with the TLS options I put out for review.

Also, I would strongly advise creating your own git repository on somewhre like github, like I did with my openldap-scratch repo, where you can commit your changes and work on them, and then create a single diff containing the entire changeset.





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